Got Ya Back

Got Ya Back was developed by students at Bath College. It began from the deaths of many young people in the River Avon, Bath. Some of the initial founders were close to Sam Amin, who died in 2014. We all wanted something positive to come from these deaths.

We are now a team consisting of Bath & North East Somerset Council, Avon Fire and Rescue, Bath Student Community Partnership, Bath College, University of Bath and Bath Spa. Bah! That was a mouthful.

Our message is to ensure that people plan their way home from a night out, work, school or college. It's also about friendship and ensuring that you get your friends home too, or to check that they got back home safely. This is what the ‘Got Ya Back’ message is, literally have your friends back! We are not saying “Don’t drink” or “Don’t have a good time” in fact we’re saying the opposite! We all love having fun, its just about doing it safely.

Our Resources

We have lots of resources from both us and our partners that we are using to help spread the Got Ya Back message. Some examples of these can be found on our resources page that you can download and share with others. You can use posters to put up in your school, college, pub or club or watch and share our video. You can also access our ICE setup guides to help prepare you for an emergency.

Get Home Safely

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Team members standing in hall with GYB banner behind them.